NABL - Accredited Laboratory

An ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standard - NABL Accreditation Certified Laboratory.


We offer vibration analysis services for your pumps, and through periodic measurement, will track the condition of your equipment so that emerging problems are more easily identified. It has been proven that machinery vibration analysis can provide accurate insight into many common problems related to rotating machinery long in advance. This allows us to catch small maintenance problems early and fix them cheaply before they grow into larger and more expensive failures.

  • Metallurgical Testing|
  • Mechanical testing|
  • Non - Destructive Testing|
  • Training & Certification|
  • Mechanical Calibration
  • Calibration (NDT - UT Machine, IIW V1, IIW V2 Block)|
  • Inspection & Manpower|
  • Geo Technical Investigation
  • Building Material Testing|
  • Highway Material Testing|
  • Lubricant Testing|
  • Fuels Testing

  • Water Testing|
  • Plastic Testing|
  • Rubber Testing|
  • Paint Testing
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